The “Mortgage Rebate Program” Banks Don’t Want You to Know About

The greatest mortgage reduction program in US History has been extended into 2017

Still unknown to many, this brilliant government program called the Home Affordable Refinance Plan (HARP) could benefit millions of Americans and reduce their monthly payments by as much as $4,264 each year

Homeowners have even used HARP to eliminate up to 15 years of mortgage payments! You can bet the banks aren’t too thrilled about losing all that profit and might have secretly hoped homeowners wouldn’t find out before the program expired.

But, thanks to a recent announcement, HARP has been extended into 2017! So while the banks wait for this program to end, the government is giving homeowners one last chance to cut their mortgage payments.  The good news though is that once you’re in, you’re in. So if lowering your payments, paying off your mortgage faster, and even taking some cash out would help you, it’s vital you act now. Instantly find out if you are eligible >>

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More than 3.3 million have refinanced through HARP You may be able to save $320 a month or more