7 Beaches That Will Make You Say WOW

7 Beaches That Will Make You Say WOW

What comes to your mind when you hear the word ‘beach?’ Infinite Sand, rolling waves, horizon meeting sea, sunlight and a glass of chilled beer or a cocktail? But there is a lot more to beaches than these few things! We have picked 7 beaches that would urge you to say, ‘Wow,’ the moment you see them! These seven places are not only exquisite but magical! They make you forget the daily stress and feel that the holidays are here!

Pink beaches of Bermuda:

The sand of the beaches in Bermuda are actually pink! The growth of a red marine organism under the coral reef dies and it’s pink shell in colour mixes with the white sand. The pink sand gives an exotic look to the beach and makes it much more beautiful and adorable!

Starry night beach of Maldives:

Do you want to see a night sky in front of your eyes? Go to Maldives! This famous beach has phytoplanktons which basically are the reason for glowing as the waves explode. But this amazing view will make you feel as if you are in the magical world of Disney with stars glowing at your feet!

Glass beach of California:

You can’t find a better example of the fact that garbage can be turned into Gold! This glass beach of California was once a trash bin and all broken bottles were dumped there. But now these glass fragments have been carved out becoming a precious treasure and now it’s offensive to even remove one piece of glass pebble from this beach!

Cathedral Beach:

We always link beaches with a wide open sand area but have you ever seen a beach with arches and caves at the coast? Visit Spain! This beach of Cathedral in Spain is the magnificent example of nature’s raw beauty. If the tides are low then you can explore the caves. Fantastic turquoise water, wide open sky and a porch view through the cave! Simply unimaginable!

Jokulsarlon, Iceland:

Sand beaches are amazing and frozen beaches are super amazing! If you don’t believe me then visit this beach in Iceland and you will not resist keeping your camera down for even a minute. Sailing on icebergs, going inside ice caves and hiking on iceberg glaciers is just heavenly!

Maho Beach:

Not all beaches are quiet and nice to relax and chill, Maho Beach at Saint Martin has proven to be this exception. The airport is quite near to the beach and that is why the sight of low-flying planes has become usual now. The schedule of planes is available in most of the bars & restaurants on the beach so that visitors can plan their day accordingly. An airline roaring over your head- while you enjoy- water, sun or the sight!

Giants Causeway Beach, Ireland:

No connotations for this beach! Its beauty, structure, rocks, sunset and sunrise are all marvellous! After a volcanic eruption, the rocks have shredded and stacked into puzzle-like pieces. There are stories and science associated with this beach but its mesmerizing beauty will make you forget all questions!


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